Stamped concrete gave home and business owners the opportunity to acquire stunning, eye-catching concrete surfaces at a more economical price. However, the overall cost actually depends on the size of the project, the level of surface preparation required, and the design concept desired. While there is a possibility that the cost could get pricey, there are certain design ideas for property owners with really tight budgets. These ideas, although super affordable, will create better looking and more functional concrete surfaces without compromising durability.

Opt for a Stamped Border

Adding stamped patterns on the border is a great way to dress up a concrete space while staying within a small budget. If you are enhancing a concrete patio, you can add a brick pattern border and leave the rest as it is. The concrete space will look a bit more finished and interesting.

Stick with a Single Color

Most stamped concrete surfaces, especially statehouse with stone patterns, are stained to make the pattern look more realistic. The staining process incurs an additional charge to the cost especially with two or more color choices. To avoid that, stick to one simple color. If you want variety, use an acid stain. The chemical reaction it creates bring out varying tones of the color you chose. The result is similar to a stone slab or a leather surface.

Go for a Textured Skin

Aside from the stamping mat that contractors use to imprint patterns and designs, they also use a texture skin to make the surface feel like real slate, wood, or whatever texture it is you are interested in. Talk to your contractor and ask if it is possible to just add a texture instead of a full-blown pattern and ask if it would cut down on costs if they do so.

Stamp More, Save More

This may seem odd but if you choose to expand the area that needs stamping instead of focusing on one area only, you get to enhance the rest of your outdoors for the price of one. For example, instead of stamping the entire patio, why not add a border on the patio towards the walkway, to the driveway, and the rest of your outdoors. Not only will the borders make your outdoors look unified and holistic, it will also save you a lot of money as compared to stamping the entire concrete surface.

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