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5 Stamped Concrete Overlay Ideas

When you think of upgrading your property, the first thing you may think about is remodeling. The second thing that comes to your mind is the cost that comes with it. However, there are various ways you could minimize expenses without scrimping on results. One such way is opting for stamped concrete overlay. This involves the application of stamped overlay patterns on existing concrete, which means you can keep the old floor, thus, saving yourself from having to pay for a new pour. There are many options for you if you choose to go with a decorative concrete overlay. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

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Stand Out with Replicated Stone or Wood Surfaces

Opt for stamped concrete if you want your floors to stand out beautifully while you get to enjoy extra time away from maintenance and extra money from the economic cost of stamped concrete. The great thing about concrete stamp patterns is that they are designed to replicate the look of natural stone or wood without the hassles of maintaining real stones and wood.

Encourage an Architectural Style Match-Up

Your floors should complement the architectural style of your home to make it look connected. Whether you live in an old world or modern home, there is a concrete pattern that would match it perfectly.

Highlight Key Areas like Walkways and Focal Points

Walkways may just be a surface to walk upon but they can make or break the curb appeal of any property. By having decorative concrete contractors install an overlay and stamp it with a pattern, you get to highlight important areas in your outdoor space. This can also be done to enhance a focal point, like a water feature, much further.

Accentuate Plain Surfaces with Decorative Borders

A concrete pool deck enhancement is something gaining popularity nowadays. One good idea to increase aesthetic appeal is to accentuate the area with a decorative border around the pool or the walkway leading to the deck. You can also have stamped overlay patterns on the coping if you want.

Break Flow with Contrasting Stamped Overlay Patterns

Let’s say you have a wide commercial property with lots of walking space. Although a uniform look on the floor is acceptable, it is not a head-turning asset. Eliminate this and similar problems with stamped concrete overlays. Make it more interesting by choosing a contrasting pattern and a color that complements the establishment as a whole.


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