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Beautiful and Functional Interior Floors with Decorative Concrete

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Interior floors may be less prone to damage but it still requires top quality solutions for improving its form and function. While some property owners would invest in expensive carpets, hard-to-install tiles, or high maintenance wood panels, some choose the easier and less costly alternative: decorative concrete flooring. Decorative concrete offers a range of solutions that can be used to update or restore concrete floors Minneapolis. Despite the low price tag, results are stunning, long-lasting, and durable.

Reliable Resurfacing and Refinishing Solutions for Interior Floors

Homeowners are always on the lookout for affordable solutions that do not compromise their need for quality and long-lasting Minneapolis concrete floors. That is exactly what decorative concrete coatings and overlays are for:

  • Stained Concrete – Colored concrete is one of the top trends in interior floors nowadays. There are many different ways to color concrete but staining is most recommended. It penetrates deep into the surface of the slab so that the colors are richer and longer lasting. Acid stains contain metallic salts that create a chemical reaction when exposed to lime and concrete minerals. The effects and color tones created are similar to that found on natural stones and may sometimes look like leather. Water-based stains, on the other hand, yield bright and consistent colors.
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  • Epoxy Flooring – Epoxy is a tough and durable coating especially made for indoor spaces. It can be used anywhere inside the house but its most popular use is on concrete garage floors. It is resistant to most types of damage, such as abrasion, impact, extreme weight, scratches, and more. It looks good on its own but can be further customized with colored paint chips or simply in metallic epoxy floors.
  • Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – Similar to epoxy, polyaspartic is also a popular coating for garage floors. Their main difference is that this can also be used outdoors and this has a shorter working time. This 1-day install coating is ideal for urgent projects or in situations when temperature and climate are unpredictable. It can be installed in both hot and cold weather without affecting the results.

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Comfort, appeal, and durability are important traits that interior floors must have. Minneapolis Concrete Artisans believe in this so we made it our commitment to help homeowners acquire floors that are comfortable to walk on, visually appealing, and highly durable to last a long time. Our team of highly trained decorative concrete experts specializes in concrete floor repair, resurfacing and floor refinishing Minneapolis for both indoors and out. We treat each project as if it is our own, making sure that only the top quality material is used on it.

Want to learn more about your coatings and overlays concrete options? Call us today and request a free consultation and quote.

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Minneapolis Concrete Artisans is a proud member of the Minneapolis community. We are committed to create better residential and commercial properties through concrete restoration, masterful craftsmanship, and smart design.

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