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Concrete resurfacing is the best way to make your old concrete look brand new again. A new concrete mix is poured over an old existing concrete floor. Various patterns, textures, and designs are possible if you use Minneapolis concrete resurfacing. Today’s post shows you all how you can renew old concrete and why resurfacing is better than replacing it.

Concrete Resurface vs. Replace

Cracks and worn-out concrete are a big turn-off in your properties. It gives a big eyesore to your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. Repairing the cracks and holes in the concrete feels like a big task. That is why most owners cover the concrete floor with carpets and other flooring materials but, still covering up the surface does not make the damage appear. It then leads to more outstanding issues in the future.

You can immediately fix concrete problems through concrete resurfacing. Compared to replacing the entire concrete floor, resurfacing is cost-efficient and effective. There are various methods for this practical flooring solution. Find out about them next.

Various Types of Concrete Resurfacing

Check out some of the popular resurfacing options for residential and commercial concrete below.

Stamped concrete overlays. Stamped concrete resurfacing is best achieved with a professional resurfacing contractor. Concrete stamping is cost-efficient and can also be applied to various outdoor concrete surfaces. You can stamp your patios, driveways, and pool decks. Epoxy and Topical Sealers. For garages and heavy traffic flooring systems, epoxy floor coatings are an efficient and smart solution for resurfacing concrete. Commercial and industrial areas prefer epoxy for its super resistance to stains and chemicals. Installing it also does not require too much downtime. Making business keep going even if repairs and reconstruction are around the property
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Broom Finish Concrete. For pretty-up patios and other outdoor concrete, like the façade or entryway, the stylized resurfacing methods are the ones you can try. One that has a distinct design and texture is the broom texture finish. This application does not need heavy machinery. The main trick here is to trowel down the concrete surface and ensure that air and temperature are enough to cure the cement mixture.

Stenciled Patterns. The stenciled technique uses a stencil to mark patterns on the concrete like the stamped method. But instead of using rubber mats with stamps, stencils use cutouts from vinyl sheets or wooden sheets.

Stained Concrete. Staining is one of the oldest resurfacing methods put there. The stained concrete is perfect for interior floors with massive spaces. When you have an entire flooring with cracks and creases, it will be difficult to remove the whole structure and dig out the slabs. So, the staining process provides the owners and the users a simple flooring solution.

The owners or the user can choose between acid stain or water-based concrete. The stain revives the glossy look and feel of the concrete flooring. Also, it makes way for the damages and crease to adapt to the flooring surfaces and make it look like decors n the floors, giving it a Victorian or vintage feel.

Finishing thoughts

Whatever resurfacing method you opt to go for, a vital piece of advice is to work with a professional flooring contractor. Having the hands of the experts work on your flooring projects will make your floors durable and polished for ages to come.

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