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Resurface or Replace: Which is Better for Damaged Concrete Surfaces

It is the middle of the year, and you may be planning to renovate the spaces in your homes or other areas like your business space.

After assessing the floors and the degree of damage, you have noticed multiple signs of concrete frailties. This may cause you to think if you should repair or replace the slabs with large cracks, unevenness, and other signs.

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Finding Out If you Should Resurface or Not

There is a better way to solve this. You can plan with your local contractor. It is best to let the experts in concrete flooring repairs assess the condition of the floors. Remember that choosing suitable methods is the best solution when the foundations of your properties are at stake.

When fixing issues on the concrete floors, you have two main options: repair the slabs or resurface them.

What is the difference between the two standard treatments? Let’s closely examine them and define and compare their processes. At the end of this discussion, you can make a wise choice that will fit your needs.

Concrete Resurfacing Method: Practical Option

Most Minneapolis residences will have concrete floors in their properties. Local COncre repair Minneapolis contractors provide different treatments for damaged flooring. One of the best options highly recommended by the expert is resurfacing.

If you need to repair the flooring surfaces and need something that is cost-efficient and practical, that you do not need to dig out the ground, then this is the answer.

The resurfacing process involves preparing the old slabs and cleaning them. When there are cracks that do not occur on the foundations, then resurfacing will solve them.

A new layer of concrete will be poured over the surface. That will be the main material that will heal the cracks and cover the old surface with a new one.

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Concrete Replacement: Solution for Severe Structural Damage

Choose replacement as your repair solution if there are severe cases of concrete damage. In our previous blogs, we discussed how you can identify these issues.

Structural damages are not repairable. The cracks are not found on the surface. Thus replacement takes place.

How to Know if the Damage Requires Replacement or Resurfacing?

Finally, you need to assess the floor to know which method to choose. But looking at it with your inexperienced eyes, you may choose the wrong treatment.

If you are still determining the proper treatment to use, it is time that you ask for the help of concrete repair in Minneapolis , especially if you are looking for enhancing structural building. They are specialists who can tell what type of damage or problem exists in your concrete, especially if you are looking for structural damage.

The good thing about choosing the best repair method is that it can save you cost from paying more fees for replacing the slabs when you only need resurfacing.

Ultimately, a professional resurfacing contractor can also suggest ways to improve the floors, like refinishing, sealing, or overlays.

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