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5 Creative Uses for Concrete in the Home

These days, concrete has been adopted as a material for just about everything used at home. And why not? Concrete is a wonderful material that offers style, durability, and customization. If you’re looking for an imaginative way to incorporate the year’s biggest material trend into your home, here are the 5 most creative ways people have used concrete in their homes:


bedframe and a side table

1. As a bed frame

For the minimalist in us looking for an industrial element in our bedrooms, the latest trend is using concrete blocks to make bed bases and frames. You know it will practically never break as concrete is incredibly durable and has great longevity.

But it is also a cost-effective option for those looking to say goodbye to their traditional bed frames. You can either put these together with concrete blocks or by pouring concrete in a mold. But you can also pick one up at a home decor retailer or online

2. As a phone storage tray

If you’re looking for a smaller concrete design element for your home, many concrete phone trays are now available on the market. They offer a stylish, sturdy, and durable storage option for your precious phones without breaking the bank. Some even come with small notches to attach your phone charger so you never lose it and small stands to put your phone up.

3. As a “stone” floor

Decorative concrete for our floors offers a great range of customizable designs for our homes. One such design is faux slate stone floors, where contractors use decorative concrete techniques like stamping and staining to create “stone” floors with concrete. Not only does it look exactly the same as the real thing, but it also offers better costs, better customizability, and durability. This is a great option for people who love stone floors, but who want the benefits of concrete flooring. No one will be able to tell the difference!

4. As light fixtures

Just in case you thought light fixtures were all about being light and airy this year, a trend of heavy-looking concrete light fixtures has been stealing the spotlight as of late.

Concrete light fixtures can offer some contrast and add some hardness to a room that is overly light and airy. Mixing masculine and feminine elements in a room like an office or a creative space can bring an interesting visual to your home.

You can also opt for concrete lampshades overhanging light fixtures.

5. As shelving

Concrete floating shelves may seem hard to think of as we often associate concrete with heaviness, but that is exactly what makes it so magical. Hanging a heavy and rough-looking material as shelving for our immaculate walls brings a certain chic quality to any home.

Use the shelves for books or for small trinkets for an eye-catching storage area.

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