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Concrete Or Asphalt: Things to Consider for Your Driveway

Concrete and asphalt are two popular driveway materials that can make your driveways durable and easy to keep. In this blog, you will take a close look at both materials. 

Concrete driveways have more advantages which is why it is recommended to use. You can learn about it from our previous blog on why you can say goodbye to your asphalt driveway and resurface it with concrete.

Let us review some things you must consider to select the better material.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Between Asphalt Vs. Concrete

Concrete and asphalt could be best for a driveway, but you must consider many things before assuming both work well for you.

Aside from factors such as cleaning and sustainability, there are more factors that you need to look at when comparing these two materials.

Take note of the location and lifestyle in your area, climate, weather, and driveway activities.

Moreover, you have to compare the material qualities, the costs, and which contractors are available near you, for example, Minneapolis concrete driveway.

A professional contractor can suggest which material is best for your property. Still, you also have the autonomy to choose, so it’s good that you are equipping yourself with some knowledge. They can handle vast types of materials and will do their best to meet or go beyond your expectations.

Where Should You Go With Asphalt or Concrete Driveways?

So, what is with asphalt, and why do people use them for driveways? Well, the answer is that it is cheaper and costs nearly only half of what concrete costs, which attracts most buyers. But, some did more research and learned that asphalt is seamless to install and repair.

It also has less downtime for curing, meaning you can continue your daily activities after a while. Plus, if you live in cold, freezing areas, know that asphalt can melt ice quicker and handle salt better.

Heat Absorbing

Asphalt warms faster than concrete, however. So if you got driveways where children in your homes play, you need something more heat reflective.
So, in contrast, concrete driveways are the best to use in our residential spaces. COncre has reasonable control of the heat. You also save a lot by using concrete since it is a robust stone-like sealable material that won’t get potholes quickly with weather and impact.

asphalt driveway

Versatility and Pleasing Aesthetics

Additionally, it is the property owners’ favorite because of its design versatility. You can acid-stain it and use colored anti-skid sealers.

So you can be sure that even though it costs more, it’s a bang for a buck because it will last twice longer and look better.

concrete driveway with plants

The Bottom Line

Concrete and asphalt need maintenance occasionally because both are susceptible to natural damage and heavy foot traffic.

So if both need occasional care, then choose the one that lasts longer and has eclectic visuals, which is concrete.

You should find the best concrete driveway contractor online and check customer reviews, permits, and expertise.

You can also search for design inspirations for a stunning driveway that can be the talk of the neighborhood.

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