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Epoxy Flooring with Micro-Paint Chips: Is it Right for You?

The impressive aesthetics of a granite or terrazzo flooring is what makes it such a popular flooring option. Granite is a natural stone popular for its granular and crystalline features. Terrazzo, on the other hand, is created by adding chips of marble on a clay surface. Although stunning, both are costly and difficult to install. An alternative is epoxy with micro-paint chips. But before you go ahead and hire someone to install it, ask yourself, is this the right solution for the type of setup and agenda you have?

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Epoxy with chips is popular because the flakes of paint make the surface look textured. Quartz or silica chips reflect light and make the surface glitter subtly. The selection for epoxy and paint chip color is so wide. In fact, there are matte, glossy, and even metallic types of epoxy. If such a decorative appearance is allowed in the space you wish to install epoxy, then go ahead. There are certain commercial and corporate spaces that do not want decorative floors because it is quite distracting. If you are using it in your home, where you can do whatever you want, then do as you please.


Epoxy is an affordable alternative to other durable flooring materials. It is important to remember, however, that the addition of paint chips may also incur additional charges. If your budget is tight, opt for the basic epoxy flooring instead. If you are not sure how much it will cost, consult a pro. A pro should be able to give you an accurate quote.


The low maintenance feature of epoxy is what makes it ideal for almost anyone. If you are mostly busy with your job or your kids, epoxy will actually make your life easier. It only requires very minimal cleaning to keep it in good shape. It is resistant to stains, chemical spills, and other harmful elements that would otherwise damage other flooring materials.

The choice is yours. You make the final decision. This information is presented to merely give you an idea of what Epoxy with micro-paint chips is as an alternative to terrazzo and granite. The stunning appearance is guaranteed. Although the cost may increase with paint chips, its low maintenance property and durability makes it cost-effective. With all these factors in mind, epoxy is one investment you are least likely to regret.

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