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Epoxy flooring Minneapolis is a reliable and high durable surface perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. A blend of equal parts of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener applied over Minneapolis concrete flooring like garage floor creates a high-performing, seamless, and tough surface that is resistant to most types of damage. Epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean and maintain. It keeps oil stains, water beads, and dust on the surface, ready to be wiped or swept. It is resistant to chips, cracks, abrasion, extreme temperatures, and more. This coating is best used indoors because UV rays from the sun can cause the garage floor epoxy material to discolor.

Epoxy Floor Coating Installation Process

Minneapolis Epoxy floor coating is really fast and easy to install but it would require a skilled installer to do it. Epoxy floor Minneapolis can be quite difficult to handle as it cures fast once blended. Here is a brief look at how this tough coating is installed on garage flooring MN, basements, commercial flooring, and more:

Step 1: The slab must be porous enough for epoxy coatings to adhere properly. The surface must be cleaned and sanded, if old coatings or finishes exist.

Step 2: The resin and hardener are mixed together and prepped for installation before it starts to harden and becomes more difficult to manage.

Step 3: The first layer is poured on the Minneapolis concrete flooring and spread throughout with a roller brush.

Step 4: When the first one has dried, the second layer is installed. Micro paint chips can be added to this layer to customize the design, acquiring a terrazzo or granite look.

Step 5: A finishing floor coating is applied to keep the paint chips in place. If the floor requires a more textured surface, a sealer with fine abrasives can be added to make it more slip-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have an epoxy floor installed?

$3 – $12 per square foot is the price range for a professional epoxy flooring installation.

Does epoxy flooring last?

Yes, it lasts for 10-20 years with proper maintenance.

Is epoxy flooring good for homes?

Definitely, epoxy is a safe coating. You can install this on the kitchen, garage, bathrooms, patio, or anywhere; it is slip and water-resistant that can protect your floor from damages and chemicals. Epoxy flooring also suits your space, it may be commercial or residential with its aesthetic appearance.

What are the disadvantages of epoxy flooring?

  • Has a strong toxic smell during application
  • Cracks may cost an impact on your garage
  • Slippery when wet
  • Cold under feet

Need tougher floors? Dial (612) 268-6687 to learn more about epoxy flooring.

Have you been wanting to transform your garage floor to an ideal surface? Minneapolis Concrete Artisans is here to give you the dream garage floor you desire and deserve. We understand that you have ideas and that you want it to take shape. We make sure that you are involved in every step, making sure all your needs are met, if not surpassed. Our 20+ years of experience in epoxy floors are reflected in each and every space we work on.

Want to learn more about our high-quality epoxy floor Minneapolis and polyurea polyaspartic floor coatings? Email or contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Get started today! Give us a call today! Our customer service would love to hear from you.

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