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A Guide for Maintaining Epoxy Floors

You are checking out today’s post because you are probably a Minneapolis epoxy floors owner looking into practical ways to attain the floors. After some time reaping the benefits of epoxy floors, you need to learn basic ways to maintain epoxy floor coating.

Knowing essential maintenance would save you from having faulty epoxy flooring or whitewashed stains caused by running the wrong cleaning items and solution over the epoxy floor.

floor being covered with epoxy
Here is the vital maintenance for epoxy flooring:
  • Keep it Clean and Grit Free
  • Removing Stains
  • Spot Cleaning
  • Reapply Epoxy Over Epoxy

Epoxy Flooring Maintenance 101: 4 Ways To Do It Like The Pros

1. Keep Clean and Grit-Free

Garage floors are prone to having grit from outdoors and dust that may linger around anywhere on the concrete floor surface. There will be times when grits of sand would wander on the floors. Also, sand and soil get stuck on the soles of a shoe, which may bring the stains on the epoxy floor coating.

Although epoxy is a durable floor coating, abrasions will soon emerge if there are tiny abrasive objects that scrape the surface continuously. Those tiny grits are sometimes more damaging since they are often unseen. So for the invisible mess, the eyes would not notice the epoxy flooring by everyday dusting and sweeping sand and soil off the surface.

2. Always Remove Stains

It is amazing to have epoxy flooring with a smooth surface and polished look at all times. But it shouldn’t undermine giving it regular cleaning and discipline to remove dirt and stains as necessary.

Think of the garage floor and other high-maintenance concrete floors like those in basements or kitchens.

epoxy floor

3. Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is a distinct maintenance method for epoxy flooring, and it involves the use of a soft cleaning sponge or brush. Then, you will also need a cleaning solution that is a mix of warm water and ammonia.

The solution will help remove whitish stains usually occurring on epoxy floors. Make sure to have the proper ratio of ammonia and warm water. This solution will help reduce any haze that exists on the concrete floors.

4. Reapply Epoxy Over Epoxy

Now the question with epoxy is if you can apply epoxy over epoxy. And yes, you can. Reapplying epoxy is the main point of this fourth maintenance guide.

In labs, hospitals, garage floors, and factories, high traffic spaces will not avoid having heavily soiled epoxy floors. What might concern you is deciding if you will completely re-install a new epoxy flooring or coating or reapply what you already had.

You can also inquire to a professional epoxy installer. They will provide you the information you need especially when it comes to maintaining your epoxy coated floorings.

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