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Benefits of Epoxy to Your Garage Flooring

Epoxy floors are today’s best choice for garages and professionally built Minneapolis garage flooring. You’ll get cost-saving benefits to revamp the garage floors with epoxy. One of them is highly functional flooring that helps a garage owner minimize repair costs and downtime when it’s time to maintain flooring.
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Today’s post gets downright quick with the top benefits of epoxy garage flooring. There are six to know.


Resistance is an essential factor to floors, especially those found inside garages. Think of the activities you do in these spaces. Garage guys and gals work with heavy metal tools and other devices that when they accidentally slip format he handed would hot hard on the concrete surface.

There are three types of resistance that you need for garage floors.

  • Impact resistance
  • Stain resistance
  • Moisture or water resistances

Epoxy makes the flooring resist impacts from hard-hitting objects. WIthout a resin coating, minor chipping would soon grow into large problematic cracks.

Oil and grease are regular on the garage floors, and sometimes you would not have enough time to check and clean up the surface. The smooth finish of the garage floors makes it easy for someone to wipe the stains off the floor so quickly. This also leads to having less water presence on the surface.

Epoxy acts as a self-leveling surface covering the porous cement to prevent moisture and liquid from leaking inside the slabs.

floor being covered with epoxy
epoxy being poured on the floor

Mentioning resistance is enough to describe the full functions of epoxy. But that’s only the surface. To understand durability, you have to consider other factors.

There are two aspects of durability

  • Expected lifespan
  • Performance under extreme conditions

Concrete is a naturally durable material. It withstands different conditions on the indoor floors, makes concrete the regular choice for creating outdoor spaces, indoor extensions as patios, and busy areas like the garage and commercial spaces.

Go back now to the two factors listed above. Epoxy meets both of these requirements.


The smooth finish of epoxy flooring may deceive you as slippery floors. But the truth is it’s the opposite. At the same time, the surface seems to reflect how it works to make concrete surface slip resistance. The epoxy coating adheres to the surface and provides a dense layer that prevents moisture and water.


You take away many benefits when using epoxy floor coating. The material may seem expensive at first, but once you see how it helps you revamp the properties, you will be surprised by how cost-effective it is. Many functions that the flooring can do save you from paying multiple sets of coatings that will meet resistance, non-slip, and aesthetic. It also saves time to keep business going. So, there is no loss all in all.
epoxy coated floor


Nothing else can uplift the floor’s appearance than epoxy. The base of the material is a clear resin compound. Adding paint chips, vinyl, coloring, and other additives result in various designs, patterns, and styles. Add to that is the material’s user-friendly approach. So the installer using it can achieve any creative idea they have.


epoxy flooring using a trowel

Lastly, epoxy has a lot of safety features. While it protects the concrete as the flooring material, insulated concrete gives you your homes’ safety.

With resistant and durable flooring, you can keep the foundations in your properties in good condition. You get to provide non-slip floors to prevent slipping and tripping accidents.

In addition, epoxy floors provide safety to your hygiene and health. The floors coated with resin will have their porous cement covered up so no microbes will not breed within the slabs. Epoxy makes the best choice for flooring material among hospitals and food labs.

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