A swimming pool is probably the most awesome addition you can install in your backyard space. It is a source of fun, relaxation, and even stress relief. An awesome pool deserves an equally awesome pool deck. Planning one is not an easy feat. It involves a lot of elements and each one needs to suit your needs and wants perfectly. There is also the challenge of deciding on one or two types of material out of a huge selection. Not to mention having to choose the right color palette for the entire deck. Before you pull out your hair from frustration, check out this short guide to help you make small but meaningful decisions and to create an overall design concept.

  • What Theme Do You Have in Mind?tropical themed swimming pool

A theme is important because it draws every element together. If you just design on a whim, there is a huge chance that it would be chaotic. By sticking to one concept, you are able to make all the elements in a pool deck harmonize with each other. Say, you want a tropical theme. Then you think natural stone, greenery, sandy white or beige deck colors, and anything that gives the impression of beach and sun.

  • Would You Like to Include Greenery?pool deck flower pots

Softscape is optional, however, there are many benefits to having some plants around the pool area. If you do not have a green thumb, there is no need to set up a garden. You can just have pots of plants strategically placed in different areas around the pool deck.

  • Do You Want a Shaded Area on the Deck?shaded area on the deck

It is important to think ahead for this because you would need to determine which area of the deck would actually benefit from a shade. This means you have to monitor the pool area for a day as the sun moves. You have to observe how the rays of the sun fall on the pool deck. You can go from a simple hanging fabric to a more elaborate one, like a cabana.

  • What Source of Light Do You Prefer?swimming-pool-lightings

Lighting is a crucial element in any outdoor pool deck. Aside from its contribution to the aesthetic appeal of the deck when night falls, it also makes the area safe and secure. There are many options for lighting. You can add lamp posts or hang fixtures on the exterior of the house. Lights in the pool are also highly recommended. Use LED lights as they illuminate better and are very energy-efficient. If you prefer something more outdoorsy, tiki lights, torches, and fire pits are great options.

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