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How to Choose Furniture to Match Porch & Patio: Material Guide

A newly resurfaced Minneapolis concrete patio is not complete without complementing furniture and accents. After you have chosen the patio and porch design, the next step is to arrange its whole exterior. Fleecy fabric accents for an outdoor sofa, or plain teak wood? These and more items that are popping into your mind. Some people may have no clue how to choose furniture to match with concrete floors. You are now in the right place! Know what material best suits the outdoor environment. Once you finish reading today’s blog, you can jump right off your seats, go to your local furniture shop and start designing your patio.

What is the best material to match your outdoor concrete?

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One of the best material for outdoor use are hardwood. It’s highly recommended that you look and search for local producers that use sustainable and renewable wood species found in the state.

Here are top wood species, local and exported, to use for chairs, sofas, and tables that you like to put on your porches or backyard.

  • Eucalyptus. Hardwoods are hard to access at times, supplies are scarce. Sting quality trees take time to grow. Eucalyptus, however, is a fast-growing wood species exported from Australia. Now local furniture production can access these, and eucalyptus tables and chairs can be available for you.
  • Oak. Oak is among the best! It provides a material that lasts for decades. It does not rot fast, even after exposure to extreme water and heat. That’s also the reason why it is the number of materials for making boats.
  • Ipe. Ipe wood, also known as ironwood, is what clients choose when looking for material resistant to insect breeding. Besides weathering and cracking, you also have to look for material that is not susceptible to damages caused by other living organisms’ injuries.
  • Acacia. Acacia tree is one of the conventional sources of timber. Its reddish-brown appearance makes it an idea; choice for most furniture. Also, it costs lower than other rare hardwood, but it can offer equally good quality. Though, it does not last long as teak and other hardwood.
  • Shorea. A southeast Asian origin wood species, this material is among the few that can top the notch for strength and durability. Basket chairs and lounge sofas are made best with this hardwood.
  • Teak. Highly popular among furniture, teak is one of the priciest hardwood materials. Its demand in the market is relatively high. The reason is that this raw material has limited supplies.

Teak almost got everything. It withstands weather and outdoor conditions. It resists dampness, making it ideal for areas with a tropical climate.

You’ll not have cracking tables or chairs when you are relaxing by the porch, even if thawed under the sun for hours.

Resin or Synthetic Polymers

  • Wicker Chairs
  • Plastic and Polymers

Resin wicker chairs are popular among patios. These are practical materials if you need to combine style with strength and durability. Plastic wicker chairs can exist among moist and extreme sun. Some plastic furniture becomes brittle when it bathes under heat. 

If you opt for plastic furniture, you can add a makeshift roof and linen shading around the patio for protection.


  • Metal
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel

Metal chairs can make you worry about rust. They require paints for sealing their stell skin, and repainting will be necessary from time to time. A substitute for pure metal is stainless steel. 

Stainless and aluminum material can be incorporated with other textures like wood, fabric, and resin wickers. There are chairs with metal handles, but the dominant parts are made from lighter, more flexible materials. Do not hesitate to mix and match items.

Concrete on Concrete

Concrete patios are sturdy and durable. Matching furniture made from the exact same material is a sure way to complement the whole exterior design. You will never go wrong with concrete over contrite. There are other materials you can choose to enjoy the absolute quality of stone-based materials.
  • Ceramic accents
  • Marble chairs and tables
  • Granite table and countertops
  • Cement concrete chairs and tables
  • Concrete shelves and plant holders
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