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stamped concrete patio minneapolis, mnA patio is a place for relaxation and enjoyment in Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, if it is unappealing and damaged, it could very well be a source of stress. Before you condemn the existing Minneapolis concrete patio and have it removed and replaced, there are ways you could restore it and make it look brand new. You don’t have to subject yourself to such an expensive investment if decorative concrete can provide you with affordable options that are durable, efficient, and appealing.

Advantages of Resurfacing and Refinishing Concrete Patios

A Minneapolis concrete patio is a practical choice. It is affordable and highly versatile. We offer decorative options that will transform not only the patio but the quality of your life as well.

  • Stamped Overlay – A thin layer of cementitious material and stamp mats can enhance and improve any patio significantly. It involves stamping the overlay with a patterned mat while it is still wet. Patterns that look great can be added on a stamped concrete patio like brick, natural stone, cobblestone, and the like.
  • Spray Texture – A spray knockdown finish is an ideal coating for almost any outdoor concrete surface. It stays cool under extreme heat and is textured enough to make it an undeniably slip-resistant surface. This spray down concrete system can be customized with color stains, engraving, and custom scoring.
  • Stained Concrete – Whether used on an overlay or on a damage-free slab, color stains are great for making the patio look more attractive. Acid stains produce that mottled and variegated effect that makes it pass for a natural stone slab. Water-based stains, on the other hand, is great for customizing patterns and designs on the patio.

Concrete Patio Repair Costs

Resurfacing or refinishing a concrete patio is a more economical option compared to replacing the entire patio. However, there are certain influential factors that would affect the overall costs. The type of solution, for one, could present different costs as each one has different processes and materials. The size of the job is another factor. The more square feet involved, the more material and labor needed. The design intricacy and any additional customization may also incur additional charges.

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