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Does Your Flooring Refuse to Go Along with the Challenges? It doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial space or a busy home garage – traditional flooring options that are installed in Minneapolis are easily damaged by severe weather and high traffic. Due to cracks, stains and swift aging floors tend to appear more worn out than you would expect in the first place.

Decorative concrete is highlighting the beauty and functionality of concrete through resurfacing and refinishing applications. One of the most innovative coating systems for concrete surfaces is Polyurea Polyaspartic. It is a two-part material, similar to epoxy, that is used to strengthen concrete surfaces to make it capable of enduring heavy use that suits a garage floor.

Why Choose Polyurea Polyaspartic?

When polyurea polyaspartic was introduced into the world of home remodeling, it was already being used for industrial facilities such as factories, plants, military hangars, and more. Now that it is available for residential use, what makes it an ideal option?

  • Polyurea polyaspartic hardens to a smooth and seamless concrete floor surface, providing a high-performance, waterproof, and chemical-resistant layer that offers superior protection against scratches, impact, abrasion, and stains. This makes it a robust choice not only for industrial applications but also for residential settings where durability and maintenance are key concerns. 

  • Moreover, polyurea floor coatings are an eco-friendly material as they contain low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC), making them a safe flooring option for homes with kids and pets. Polyurea floors can be installed in any climate or temperature, making them more versatile than epoxy floors, which can only be installed indoors and under specific conditions. This flexibility allows for installation anytime and in both indoor and outdoor settings, accommodating a wide range of uses and preferences.

  • The application of polyurea polyaspartic is quick and efficient; it only takes one day to install. The coating hardens in just a few hours and completely cures after 24 hours, which is ideal for urgent and commercial projects with limited turnaround times. 

  • Additionally, polyurea polyaspartic is a protective solution that is UV stable and does not blush even when exposed to moisture from the concrete. It also will not peel, flake, or chip off, ensuring long-lasting performance. For those seeking a more customized look, micro paint chips and pigments can be added to enhance the aesthetics of the floor.

Looking for a Quick but Efficient Concrete Solution? Call (612) 268-6687 and Ask about Polyurea Polyaspartic.

Garage floors are prone to damage, and replacing them can be quite expensive. Instead of pulling out the old material and replacing it, why not top it off with a floor coating that could improve its form and function and keep it in good shape for several years? Minneapolis Concrete Artisans is a premier concrete coating company that specializes in resurfacing, refinishing, and repairing concrete surfaces. Our team of expert installers specializes in installing durable, chemical-resistant polyaspartic polyurea concrete coatings on both residential and commercial garage floors in the Minneapolis, MN area.

For a more detailed discussion about polyaspartic floor installation and the variety of garage floor coatings available, call our business. One of our knowledgeable staff will happily schedule a free consultation for your project and provide an estimate, ensuring your garage floor coating meets your needs and expectations.

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