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Top 5 Pool Deck Material Options for Residential and Commercial Pools

Gone are the days when we had to make do with a plain concrete pool deck. There are so many pool deck material options nowadays that creating a pool area has become more than just adding a facility, but improving the value of the property and the lives of the people who own it as well. Here are the top options for pool decks:

Stamped Concrete

A stamped concrete overlay is highly customizable. It offers a wide range of patterns that can be colored to your liking. An overlay can be installed quickly and easily on an existing pool deck. Some people are concerned about its slip resistance but the stamped patterns promote enough grip to make it non-skid. You can add fine abrasives to the sealer coat to enhance its grip even further.

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Natural Stone

Stone is quite a luxurious choice especially if the material needs to be imported from another city or state. The most common types of stone used on pool decks are flagstone and slate. These are long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and damaged stones can be easily replaced. As it is a luxurious option, it is also high maintenance. The surface needs to be resealed every season.

natural stone


This high-end material comes in a wide range of colors that do not fade. It stays cool to the touch and is highly slip-resistant. It is a popular option, being able to withstand extreme temperatures and freeze-thaw cycles. However, it needs to be resealed regularly because it is a very soft kind of stone. Travertine installation is labor-intensive and tedious.

travertine pool deck


Also considered as a popular material among homeowners, pavers are affordable yet very durable. They come in various shapes and in a limited number of colors. Pavers are laid out beside each other without using grout. This makes it easier to replace any damaged piece without harming the surrounding pieces. All you have to do is pull the piece out and replace with another. The only downside to pavers is that it can be quite rough to hands and bare feet.


pavers pool deck


Bricks are often used on borders and copings, but rarely on the entire deck. This material, like pavers, can be easily removed and replaced. It comes in one shape but can be arranged in many different patterns like running brick, stacked bond, herringbone, and more. Brick is a long-lasting material that can withstand most damaging elements. It is, however, very porous so it needs to be sealed and resealed regularly.


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