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The Difference Between Floor Refinishing and Resurfacing: All You Need to Know

Concrete floors are durable, cost-efficient, and no doubt easy to maintain! Floor refinishing in Minneapolis now slowly making its mark as a top-notch service in today’s industry. These master artisans take the dull, grey steps a little further with decorative floor trends! Now you notice that your floor does not look as good as before. As a homeowner, you would like to give it a makeover, so you browse the internet for ways to give your concrete a brand new look. You come across two options, floor refinishing and floor resurfacing.

Everything You Need To Know About Refinishing Vs. Resurfacing

So, what’s the difference between these two? Let today’s post be your guide and answer, “How will I know what is best suited for me?” All you need to know about resurfacing and refinishing ahead!

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What is Concrete Refinishing

Homeowners often do concrete refinishing for aesthetic purposes. The process usually includes color changes or recoloring. In this way, the exposed concrete floors can restore their colors, especially for heavy-use spaces among commercial properties.


Concrete refinishing starts with grinding, which a lot of people view as a back-breaking process. Grinding produces a lot of dust, which may seem like a downside because it makes the place uninhabitable for a specific amount of time. And grinding the corners of your floor surface is not as easy as it sounds.


A chemical densifier is then applied to fill holes once the floor surface is set. Regrinding is then done to give your floor a refined, shiny finish.

What is Concrete Resurfacing

On the other hand, concrete resurfacing involves removing loose debris, together with old concrete that has come loose and oil grease stains. It is then followed by pressure washing, which hydrates the remaining concrete surface. Doing this will lessen the draw of water from the resurfacing mix into the existing concrete.


Resurfacing compounds can be typically bought from home improvement stores and shops. The mix is then applied with a squeegee and brushed afterward with a broom to create a non-skid concrete surface.

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What is best for me?

Now that we know the main difference between refinishing and resurfacing, what are the things to be considered to help you decide which option to choose?

Condition of the concrete

Most concrete floors can be refinished, but there are some exceptions. Floors with carpet tack holes, spalled areas, and extensive patchwork that would still be visible even after refinishing are better be improved using resurfacing.

The result you want to achieve

In terms of aesthetic purposes, both refinishing and resurfacing concrete floors can be enhanced by decorative saw cuts and dyes. However, resurfacing can give you a wider range of finish options. But if you would like to achieve a smooth, shiny finish, concrete refinishing would be the best option.

Performance requirements

Refinished concrete floors are more resilient and durable, in general. Also, it is a far more convenient idea for maintenance. You won’t need to break some damaged slabs and break your bank. A quick refinish will revive the concrete’s natural polished look. You can avoid costly repair if you apply some refinishing right away. Some decorative concrete will require waxing to keep its lasting shine. And some need glossy sealers to protect them from abrasion. With regular cleaning, refinished concrete floors will still look good as new for a longer time.


Giving your concrete floor a revamp is essential. Still, before deciding what to do, it is always recommended to seek professional advice because you and your family deserve the best possible services the market has to offer.

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