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In the past, concrete was regarded as strictly utilitarian which is why it is often used mainly as a base material even on concrete floors. Nowadays, more and more people are starting to appreciate the durability of concrete floor and how versatile it is. In fact, it can be greatly enhanced in different ways. One popular way is through stained concrete.


There are two type of concrete stains:

  • Acid Stain – An acid-based concrete stain, MN generates design and effects through a chemical reaction between the stain and the slab’s lime and mineral content.
  • Water-based Stain – In contrast to acid stain, this does not rely on chemical reactions. It dries the same color as it is when applied on concrete floors. This is a great stain to use for specific designs and patterns.

The resulting look depends on the type of stain you choose, how many layers of color is used, and the concrete floor’s location, age, as well as mineral composition.

Stained Concrete Design Ideas

Staining a concrete floor improves its form and function, making it easier to clean and maintain, too. Here are some great concrete staining Minneapolis ideas to try:

  • You can use two or more Minneapolis concrete staining colors on concrete floors applied one after another to create interesting hues and effects in different areas of the slab. The succeeding layers can be applied by adding drops of it on the stained slab, allowing it to spread by itself. It can also be combined with stamped concrete.
  • Stain the entire slab with one color and then, when that is dry, splatter another darker or light color to add depth and drama.
  • If the slab has small, hairline cracks, it can be enhanced with a dark earthy color to make it look like real leather. Just make sure that the cracks are not deep and progressive.
  • The great thing about stains is that it can be used to make the concrete floor look like rocks on a river or a blue lagoon. But before deciding to use this elaborate technique in your home, keep in mind that the results are permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can old concrete be stained?

Yes as long as it’s not tainted with materials that stop the stain from absorbing the concrete such as paint, glue, oil, wax, and grease. To test, add a few amounts of water onto the floor, if the water soaks in, then you can proceed with the staining. But if the water was not absorbed, you need to remove the sealer from the concrete. 

Is it better to paint or stain concrete?

Concrete stains give off a luxurious look because of their marbled effect; it’s durable, cost-effective, and low maintenance. While concrete paints help cover the worn-off and discolored surface.

What does concrete staining cost?

It costs between $7 and $15 per square foot. It may vary according to your preference; $2 – $4 per square foot for simple staining while for upscale designs may cost $12 – $25.

How much does it cost to professionally stain concrete?

Concrete contractors charge from $2 – $4 per square foot for a basic stain job, $4 – $10 per square foot for an intermediate, $8 – $15 per square foot for an upgraded work, and $12 – $25 for a high-end installation.

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Minneapolis Concrete Artisans has been in the decorative concrete staining industry for over 20 years. If you are looking for a unique but affordable way to make concrete floors more attractive, we can make that happen. With years of experience in the decorative concrete industry, skill, and great attention to detail, our team of installers will make your concrete patio ideas a reality, or any other decorative concrete flooring ideas be it for outdoor or interior floors.

Looking to have a stained concrete driveway or other concrete floors? Contact us to book a free on-site inspection and consultant. You can also inquire online today.

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