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How Long Does Stamped Concrete Last: A Maintenance Guide

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A stamped concrete Mn will last up to 25 years. It’s precisely the same as the standard, non-stamped concrete flooring. Give it the proper care and regular maintenance then you can make it last longer. Today’s post is your definitive guide to maintaining your stamped concrete floorings.

The Best Way to Concrete Stamping Maintenance

Do you have cracks, dents, or any irregularities appearing on the surface of the concrete floor? Stamped concrete and overlays are durable solutions for these.

Sometimes, what you think needs paint to cover up flaws would need stamping. You can apply stamped designs and patterns on an existing contrite to hide the marks from cracks, crazing, chipping, or flaking.

You can also have stamped flooring as overlays to repair large deep cracks on the concrete.

Once you have resurfaced the floors with this method, what’s next? Can you prevent further damages from appearing?

Here are tips when taking care of the decorative floor with stamps. Note these important to do:

  • Use a gentle cleaning solution
  • Use degreaser oil cleaner to remove dirt stuck on the stamped creases
  • Reseal concrete every 18 to 24 months
  • Reapply non-skid sealers to retain its glossy look and protect from going outside

The Good Use of Stamped Concrete

It’s important to know that stamped concrete is mainly used outdoors. Being out in the open exposes the surface of the floors to many damaging factors. That is one main reason why property owners should give it proper maintenance.

Aside from the practical uses, stamped outdoor floors also have decorative purposes. Not all properties will pass the requirement for using flooring materials like marbles, wood, or tile. Now, this is where stamping floors with concrete come in. The method is used so that the patterns and designs it produces mimic other types of materials.

Most importantly, while it mimics the form of other materials, it remains sturdy, durable, and tougher than any other type of material.

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A Closer Look at Stamped Concrete

So what is it that you need to consider with maintaining the floors? There are four main parts to keep in mind when taking care of the stamped floors.

  1. The Main Concrete Slab – When taking good care of the stamped floor, you should remember to protect the main slab from all causes of damages, use appropriate cleaners and avoid pressurized water to prevent damaging the core slabs
  2. Primary or Base Coloring – The stamped floor has the first layer of coloring fail to use the right cleaner these part may suffer from fading and dissolution of the coloring, the same with the secondary color
  3. Secondary Color – This part serves as the design coloring that gives contrast to e stamped designs
  4. Sealers – The sealers provide a glossy look on the surface. This also serves as protection from moisture, heat, and other natural factors. If not taken good care of, sealers can quickly fade, thus leading to significant issues on the floor such as cracks, stains, and weak concrete

What to Avoid: The DON’Ts in Maintenance

  • When it snows, do not use the shovel to take out the pile of snow. The blade may scratch the concrete surface.
  • Do not use stamped flooring when draining the gutters to avoid the impact of flooring water damaging the surface.
  • Do not use salts and deicers when removing winter snow. Deicers may irritate the sealer and may wear them faster.
  • Prevent your pets from peeing or running on the stamped concrete. Cleaning animal litter may cause you to use chlorine or other strong chemicals that may dissolve the sealer.
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Stamped concrete can last a long time. All you need is a professional concrete contractor mn to make this happen.
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