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3 Unusual Yet Useful Features in a Garage

In the past, garages were nothing more than an extra room in the house. Architects think of it as afterthoughts, a monolithic and utilitarian addition to a home. A garage would be designed for this simple area that makes it look like it was an expense that the homeowner or contractor never wanted. But times sure have changed. The usefulness of a garage is now fully realized. It is considered so much as a part of the home that it is being designed in very luxurious and comfortable ways. The design concepts include special features that are either mundane or magnificent. Here are some of the unusual features that your garage must have:

Decorative Garage Flooring

Of all the garage flooring ideas nowadays, decorative concrete is the most recommended. An epoxy garage floor coating can help cover up damage and blemishes while giving it a brand new look. Any homeowner would love to walk into a garage that features a more stylish look without compromising the appeal and value of the home.
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Extra Door

Often, a garage design would include a garage door for cars to enter and leave and another door for getting to and from the garage to the house. Adding another entrance beside the roll-up door is a great way to get into the garage without having to keep rolling a garage door up and down. It is perfect if you just need to grab something in the garage really quickly.

extra door

Comfort Room

It is quite unusual to have a comfortable room in the garage but it is very, very useful. Imagine having to work on automobile repairs and you get all greasy and dirty. Once nature calls, it can be challenging to have to get inside the house to reach a comfort room without leaving grease or oil marks as you come and go. A comfort room in the garage makes it easier to relieve yourself with fewer worries in mind.

garage comfort room
Sometimes, even the most unusual features will actually make sense if you consider how useful it will be to your lifestyle and the kind of work you often do in the garage. Never settle for the stereotype of garage design. It should be as unique as you are as an individual. For more design suggestions, you may consult a garage expert or browse through photos of real garages. If you want to go beyond the interior of your garage, might as well consider transforming your concrete driveways.
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