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Why You Should Ditch Your Asphalt Driveway for a Concrete One

You probably grew up riding your bike on asphalt roads in your neighborhood. It is a popular paving material because it is affordable and the blacktop looks great. Aside from roads, it is also ideal for driveways. However, when you are given the chance to choose between asphalt and concrete, there are good reasons why you should ditch asphalt and go with a concrete driveway instead.
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Any driveway needs to be maintained if you want it to look good and be safe for you to use for a longer time. Between concrete and asphalt, the latter is a lot more difficult to maintain. While both types of pavements need to be sealed to protect them from harsh elements, an asphalt driveway must remain untouched and unused for two to three days after the sealer was applied. Concrete sealing, on the other hand, takes less than a day to install and complete. Once dry, you can immediately drive on it.

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Asphalt takes longer to install and it involves a tedious process. First, it needs to be heated up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to make it adhere or bond better on the surface it is being applied to. After it has been poured, it needs to be covered with sand or gravel to enhance adherence further. The installation process is a bit dangerous so workers must be properly trained and equipped to do it.

pouring of asphalt on the driveway floor

Effect on the Environment

Asphalt releases hydrocarbons into the air. It is made of petroleum and when it is heated up, it could make the air unsafe to inhale. Concrete, on the other hand, is made from limestone, one of the most common and abundant stones in the world. It can also be produced using recycled materials. Fly ash, slag, and silica are some of the ingredients used for making concrete, all of which are wastes from manufacturing factories. Also, concrete does not emit any harmful odor or particles to the air.


When choosing between asphalt and concrete, the aesthetics and costs should not be the main basis for selection. It is important to take the factors mentioned above into consideration. If you must, do a bit of research on the materials you want to use on your driveway. You may also consult a concrete driveway contractor so they could give you more detailed information about each driveway material available today.
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